Don’t Fear Fear – Strength under Grace

Don't Fear Fear Don't Fear Fear - Strength under Grace P.L. Bennett But what is fear?nothing but a homeless thoughtwhose limited power is dependent on whereit lives, and how much attention it's boughtfrom the unsuspecting vesselcolluded against in its lifelong wrestle. And where did it come from?the unguarded thoughts allowednot just to creep in, but... Continue Reading →

Travel: The New Dawn

Travel in this second vicennial year of the twenty-first century has taken a turn. Whether it's for better or worse remains to be seen. It is costly, tense, and difficult; so at first glance it seems to be for the worst. However, it is more organised, ensures that you think and plan ahead, and is... Continue Reading →

This is me Lord!

A little thought provoking verse This is me Lord, Called from my land of birth Committed to purpose on this earth. This is me Lord, Wrestling until morning Refusing to let go until I receive my blessing. This is me Lord, Standing before the Red Sea Your rod outstretched before me. This is me Lord,... Continue Reading →

Bethany – A Haven for Jesus

Jesus Journeys Bethany of Judea, a wild mountain hamlet welcomed Him into their midst. This quiet wretched little town was a sanctuary to the sick and outcast, and a haven to Jesus and His disciples, which explains why Jesus spent so much time there. He came for the wretched, the poor in spirit, those who... Continue Reading →

The Best Journey Ever

A Simple Guide Through Christianity Love God, love people; the two commandments Jesus gave us under Grace. This Easter weekend we focus on Christ's journey to the grave and beyond. In three days and nights, He journeyed into death and removed the power it had over us to set us free. And this is where our... Continue Reading →

If I Perish, I Perish

A Day's Journey - Queen Esther "If I perish I perish," (Esther 4:16). Formidable words spoken by a woman who rose from humble beginnings to become King Ahasuerus' queen; ruler of one hundred and twenty-seven provinces from India to Ethiopia. At that time there were Jews living in the provinces who’d been taken away from... Continue Reading →

A Day’s Journey

No one lives beyond a day! Try as we may, we cannot quite get to the end of the day. The morning arrived and brought with it, life; new fresh and blooming - perfection personified. But in the day that the eyes of man were opened, time started on mankind, bringing with it new parameters... Continue Reading →

When Will Jesus Return?

Keep it Simple Series Two thousand and twenty one years ago Jesus was born into the human race. And during His ministry on Earth, He preached for the world to turn away from our sinful lives and accept Him as Lord and Saviour, so we could become children of God once more, inheriting the kingdom... Continue Reading →

What does God look like?

Keep it Simple Series At first glance this question seems impossible to answer and almost feels like it should be thrown into the aphotic abyss with all the other unanswerable questions such as 'where did God come from'? Or 'how long has God existed'? But not so, this one can be answered to some extent.... Continue Reading →

What is the Fear of God?

Keep it Simple Series As with many other terms in the Bible, this term too is often misunderstood. So, first and foremost, the most important point to make here is that the ‘fear of God’ is not to be afraid of God. When you begin to understand the greatness of God you may sometimes feel... Continue Reading →

What is a Christian?

Keep it Simple Series To be a Christian is to be like Jesus Christ, to be ‘imitators of Christ’, to live and to love as He did. All who are disciples [followers] of Jesus Christ then, now and in the future, are called Christians. Christianity is the world’s largest faith with over two billion Christians... Continue Reading →

What is Sin?

Keep it Simple Series To sin is to miss the mark, which is God’s standard. Sin is lawlessness as it goes against the law of God. An example: God has commanded us to love one another and not to hate each other, so if one hates another then they are committing a sin. When we... Continue Reading →

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