Broken Wing!

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I came upon a bird, more beautiful and perfect than ever I’d seen
Who tried to fly away to pastures green
He fought and struggled and wore himself down
And wondered why he couldn’t get off the ground
He gazed at the other birds, and praised them for their beauty and grace
Then completely excluded himself from the race.

His mind confused he sought to hide
While searching for answers far and wide
I came upon him again one day
And felt his pain as he walked my way
“Little bird” I said, “why walk when you have wings?”
“Birds were made to fly and sing
It is a most unnatural thing you do
This is not the life for you.”

I sat him down and asked him to sing
He spoke and said, “I seem to fail at everything
I cannot fly, no matter how hard I try.”
“Little bird,” I said, “you are a clever thing
But even you cannot fly with a broken wing
You must seek and you will find
The answers await you, in front, not behind
So fly little bird fly.”

He continued to look downhearted
“My heart is so heavy,” he said, “I don’t know what to do.”
“To love someone else,” I replied, “you must first love you
Little bird with the broken wing
Divine loves come from within
Love God first, and all things will be revealed
Then slowly, but surely your wing will be healed.”


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