And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am: and He said, Thus shall you say unto the children of Israel, I Am hath sent me unto you.
Exodus 3:14

Do you know who you are, or more to the point, do you know who you are in Christ? Since the fall of mankind the world itself has been in an “identity critical” state. Who are we? Where did we come from? How long have we been here? With one theory after another, one experiment after another, one book after another endlessly emerging in an attempt to answer these questions. But as we so often do in life, we complicate matters. God made life so simple for us and we complicated it. He is still making it simple for us and we are still complicating it.

Who we are and what we do matters! But, if we don’t know who we are or what our purpose is, how can we fulfil it? Moses in the book of Exodus (the second book of the Bible found in the Old Testament,) is called by God for a great purpose; but goes through the same challenges we are faced with when we are called into the kingdom.

Exodus 3:10-13
Come now therefore, and I will send you unto Pharaoh, that you may bring forth my people the children of Israel out of Egypt. And Moses said unto God, Who am I, that I should go unto Pharaoh, and that I should bring forth the children of Israel out of Egypt? And he said, Certainly I will be with thee; and this shall be a token unto thee, that I have sent thee: When thou hast brought forth the people out of Egypt, ye shall serve God upon this mountain. And Moses said unto God, Behold, when I come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them, The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you; and they shall say to me, What is his name? what shall I say unto them?

  • God called Moses, and gave him a great purpose; a type and shadow of the Apostles sent out by Jesus many generations later.
  • A humble shepherd was elevated to go before Pharaoh, the king of Egypt and tell him to let God’s people go.
  • He was then directed to lead God’s people out of bondage and slavery and into a promised land… no mean feat!
  • Although Moses answered the call, he was unsure, insecure, lacked confidence and didn’t really know where he fitted in God’s plan.
  • At this point he didn’t know or understand his purpose.
  • He had not yet learnt to trust completely in God.
  • But God reassured Him, and was with him all the way.

As Christians, do we really know who we are in Christ? If someone came up to you and asked you what your purpose is or what have you been called to do, would you have an answer? On the occasions I have asked this question over the years I have often been met with blank stares. Very rarely do I get a confident answer. Some will tell you what their positions are but still don’t really know what their purpose is!

Unfortunately in far too many 21st century churches; there is great focus on title, status and positions. The worldly VIP mentality of self importance is alive and thriving with many not knowing what Christ has called them to do, but instead dictating their own destiny! This doesn’t end well. The Lord is not impressed with titles, positions, statuses or self importance… But, He is impressed with faithfulness, obedience, humility and being the best ‘bondservant’ we can while in His service. It is good to remember that Jesus was never given any titles while He was on earth. No Emperor, King or Religious Leader bestowed any titles on Him and indeed He refused those who tried to push Him in that direction. He knew who He was and what He came to do, and He did it.

When we come to the Lord, we must focus on having a real relationship with God and begin to seek the Lord to find out what our purpose is. God is the only one who can tell you what you have been called to do. Moses had a real relationship with God. He talked to God daily, asked questions and heard when God spoke to Him. After a few challenges here and there, his obedience and faithfulness to God enabled him to fulfil his purpose.

God wants us to live as He created us and called us to do. Of course you will be a little nervous and question yourself at times, just as Moses did. But if God is with you, He will confirm what He has called you to do, and empower you to do it. It is through this confirmation from Christ that we will come to know who we are. Once we have Christ in our lives, whatever He sends us out to do, He will be with us and help us to see it through to the end, “Certainly I will be with thee.

  • Christ calls us, and we must have a real relationship with Him to find out what we have been called to do.
  • Christ has promised that He will be with us always.
  • He has sent the Holy Spirit to be with us to empower, teach and guide us.
  • He reassures us when we are discouraged.
  • He gives us the confidence as there is no fear in Him.

Not knowing your true identity is without doubt very debilitating. Christ called the disciples and told them He would make them Fishers of Men. He trained them, empowered them through the Holy Spirit of God then sent them out to the corners of the earth to spread the Gospel. But it would seem that many like to dictate to God as to what they want to do, how they want to do it and not what God has called them to do.

Moses even began pre-empting what the people would ask Him about God. And God’s answer was ‘”I Am that I Am.” When you know who you are in Christ it doesn’t matter what others think of you, or what they try to tell you should be.

Just know that ‘you are who you are,’ in Christ!

About PL Bennett

PL Bennett is a Christian author, counsellor and mentor. She has a passion for spreading the Word of God and offering help and advice to anyone struggling with their Christian Faith, those who are seeking to understand Christianity and the many Christians who have walked away from the Lord and are trying to find their way back. Her first book The Best Journey Ever: A Simple Guide Through Christianity was released 31st March 2021. She lives to inspire others through her writings to help them find their purpose in Christ.

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