A Little About Me

‘Empower to Purpose’

My passion for Christ has taken me on a Journey of Faith that I could not have imagined but would change nothing… except maybe the silly predicaments I found myself in which I really didn’t need to be in. But those experiences now prove to be precious and in hindsight I wouldn’t change a thing because now I can help others through my writing, counselling and mentoring.

Helping others to understand Christ is at the forefront of my ministry; the non-Christian, the Christian or the Backslider, absolutely anyone! Everyone has questions, struggles, challenges in their life but not everyone has someone they can go to for help and advice. Applying the Christian Faith to everyday life is a challenge for many Christians and we all have a part to play in helping each other as we are all on the same journey… and all making mistakes! My aim is to spread the message of Christ whilst keeping it simple!

Writing has always been an important part of my life, but My Alabaster Box: A Simple Guide Through the Christian Journey is my first published book and definitely not my last. My inspiration for writing comes first and foremost from the Holy Spirit; I ask and He answers! I also write from life experiences both mine and others, conversations and questions; just about anything that resonates with me. Writing allows me to express my love for God, whilst helping others. If even one person finds God, through something that I have written, then I have achieved much!

Journey of Choices

Writing this book is the realisation of a lifelong dream.  We tend to start out in life eagerly anticipating and naively expecting everything to go as planned. But all too often the unexpected happens and life takes you in so many different directions, with its’ ups, downs and curve-balls. It is so easy to find yourself in situations where choice is a luxury and you have to stick to what you know to stay afloat. The moment you make a choice to step away from the knowing and embrace the unknowing that’s when the challenges begin. “Life is a journey of choices. Make the right ones and you can lead a deeply fulfilling life sprinkled with moments of achievements and successes. Make the wrong choices or refuse to make a choice at all will undoubtedly have a negative impact on your whole life and a journey that should have taken one month actually took a life time.”

My Blog

Blogging allows me to impact the virtual world with something positive, The Message of Christ. There are so many destructive influences out there impacting people’s lives, that God’s love has to top them. With all the confusion in the world today denominations, religions, faiths, cults, fads and extremism; God’s love must permeate our lives to give us clarity. He is the only one with all the answers, and He has given us all direct access to Him, so I am not afraid to ask! The Apostles walked, rode donkeys, sailed in ships to cross dangerous terrains, from one continent to another  spreading the message of Christ and all we have to do is open our laptops, log on to the internet to connect with each other across the very same continents. Awesome!

Current Projects

I am currently working on various projects concurrently:

From Dishonour to Glory: The Spiritual Evolution of Mankind
Evolution, the progressive and developmental changes of living organisms through the history of time. To say that mankind is evolving from a physical being to a spiritual being is an audacious statement, and one that is sectionable by the very logical and scientific world in which we live.  A world intolerant of the things of the Spirit. And that’s fine for the Spirit is not for the world. He is for those that believe in Him. Mankind was never created to remain in this physical state for as long as we have, and certainly not in this sick decaying dishonourable state where death is more certain than life. The perfect beings created in the image of an unseen God, were without flaw. Nurtured and loved, empowered to have dominion over all the earth and its’ inhabitants. Created for so much more!.

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