Jesus Journeys Bethany of Judea, a wild mountain hamlet welcomed Him into their midst. This quiet wretched little town was a sanctuary to the sick and outcast, which explains why Jesus would have spent so much time there. He came for the wretched, the poor in spirit, those who needed Him, and He found them.... Continue Reading →

The Best Journey Ever

A Simple Guide Through Christianity Love God, love people; the two commandments Jesus gave us under Grace. This Easter weekend we focus on Christ's journey to the grave and beyond. In three days and nights He journeyed into death and removed the power it had over us to set us free. And this is where our... Continue Reading →

If I Perish, I Perish

A Day's Journey - Queen Esther "If I perish I perish," (Esther 4:16). Formidable words spoken by a woman who rose from humble beginnings to become King Ahasuerus' queen; ruler of one hundred and twenty-seven provinces from India to Ethiopia. At that time there were Jews living in the provinces who’d been taken away from... Continue Reading →

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